Home 'Advocates' offer their 'patient prospects' the life-changing opportunity to help others part-time for approximately 18 months and eliminate their out-of-pocket medical costs forever. 

A very powerful tool that our Home 'Advocates' have to enroll their 'patient prospects' in Breakthrough Chronic Care™ is there's really two life-changing advantages for many chronically ill patients, or caregivers, to enroll.


One, superior chronic disease management made possible by a superior doctor-patient relationship. Two, they can become Mobile or OnSite 'Advocates' and eliminate 100% of their out-of-pocket medical costs for life by simply volunteering 40 hours a month for a year in their community. Many families with chronic illness face financial stress. They simply fill-out Patient Information Forms from fellow chronically ill patients and caregivers. This is where many of the Patient Information Forms originate that Home 'Advocates' contact every day.

Just imagine, eliminating 100% of your out-of-pocket medical costs for life ...

No More Out-of-Pocket Deductibles or Co-pays.

No More Out-of-Pocket Coinsurance Deductibles 80/20 or 70/30 Policies.

No More Out-of-Pocket Monthly Health Insurance Premiums or Drug Coverage Premiums.

No Out-of-Pocket Costs for Your Concierge Chronic Care Doctor

The Mobile and OnSite 'Advocates' opportunity was created to specifically meet the needs of average Americans with a chronic illness or caregivers who want financial help. It requires no sales. They just wear our 'Advocate' Apparel™ wherever they go and simply fill-out Patient Information Forms on their smartphone or tablet. Virtually anyone can do it. Importantly, it's a new positive world. They receive regular good news from happy patients, optimistic doctors and other Mobile and OnSite 'Advocates' sharing their success stories.


In the big picture, our Mobile and OnSite 'Advocates' are really the field force that goes out every day and gathers information with our Patient Information Forms. And, our Home 'Advocates' contact these people and professionally answers all their questions and enroll them.

We suggest Home 'Advocates' go to www.JoinOurCause.care and review what a revolutionary advance our Mobile and OnSite 'Advocate' opportunity is for average Americans with a chronic illness or their caregivers.

A significant percentage of the 'patient prospects' you enroll in Breakthrough Chronic Care may be interested in becoming a Mobile, OnSite or Home 'Advocates' so they can reduce, or eliminate, their out-of-pocket medical costs and earn extra hundreds or thousands per month in a part-time or full-time position. Many may want to become a Home 'Advocate' and work from home. This is a powerful motivator for your 'patient prospects' to enroll immediately.

We provide you with highly qualified 'patient prospects' free. They have requested information ASAP!

Your Home Office has the tools for you to be successful - all at your fingertips. 

Our goal is for you to earn $25 per hour in the first year and $45 per hour in the second year.

Here's how 

Breakthrough Chronic Care™ can put money back in every patient's pocket  every year. 

'Advocates' can enjoy delicious and nutritious MEGA MEALS potentially with no out-of-pocket costs. 

You can

offer Chronic

Care Patients

life-changing financial help.

Our Mission

 Breakthrough Chronic Care is a positive lifestyle company committed to significantly improve the physical, emotional and financial health of the 30 million average Americans with a chronic illness and their caregivers. Our movement is dedicated to providing superior chronic disease management and an innovative solution to eliminate up to 100% of a patient's total out-of-pocket medical costs for life.